The Ghost Adventure
Chapter 1
One day there lived Henry the gost. He was playing football in the garden when his mum said''Diner time''!and Henry went in. After he went to bed. In the morning he rushed breakfast and went to play with Mark and at Bens house when he got there they played the x box on the x box they played PvZ garden warfar. After they went outside they meat up and made a plan to discover if there was a ghost in the cave near by.
Chapter 2
They serched and serched and then they gave up and went home but they didn't know that there was a ghost behind them. When they got there the ghost followed them into the houes and into the bathroom for them to go to bed. In the morning the ghost was stil there but this is the bit that the people met Henry the ghost.Then Henry said "t" and then the people fantid like they were deid. After they had camed down they realised that Henry was friedly.